A downloadable game for Windows

Descent is a survival horror adventure set in an old cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains occupied by vampires. 

Play as detective Brant investigating some suspicious murders in North Carolina as you find yourself in an old cabin in the mountains, and uncover the events of the last few weeks in this mysterious haven.

WASD - move

F - Interact

TAB - Inventory

Left Mouse - Fire/Action

Right Mouse - Ironsights

R - Reload

ESC - Pause

Find yourself stuck? Refer to the walkthrough here here if you need any assistance!

features gore, violence, profanity and written descriptions of torture.

I'm pleased to announce development will be continued as part of the Unbound collection! The plan is to overhaul a lot of the art assets and models, more bug fixes and optimisations.

Unbound update coming soon.


If you come across any bugs/issues feel free to let me know! I'm currently working on patching reported issues.



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I can't seem to reload, like at all. Is it just that there's an ammo thing or is something going wrong?

Hey there! Thanks for playing the game!

To answer your question there are ammo pickups on the ground and you can run out of ammo. I hope that helps! If not let me know and I'll try to help or see if there's a potential issue!

What do they look like? I haven't seen any I ran out after getting the wheel for the steam pipe. Iirc that's when the first attack happens.

They look like white little white boxes of bullets (didn't have time to texture them during the jam), after the first attack you find a few boxes after passing the steam pipe in the office to the right :) Hope that helps, if you have any further questions a walkthrough can be found here Walkthrough - DESCENT by ChristophGray (itch.io) 

I'm going to pin this to the about section just in case people miss it as there have been multiple logs since then.

Let me say that the voice acting is amazing! I felt very engaged in the story and overall it was a very fun experience, that being said, this is so so broken lol

1. First time I launched the game I fell into the last room, I think
2. Textures were trying to vacate the premises often
3. I found a wall that successfully always leads to leaving the map
4. Lastly, I error crashed to the desktop so I couldn't finish the game. 
Was fun though!


Hey, first of all thanks so much for playing! but I'm sorry you encountered so many issues. 

That first one is very concerning, I'll work on fixing that immediately! 

2 is the result of a bunch of fast optimisations that I quickly threw together to make sure it runs well on all systems, so those white squares are basically the skybox, but it seems I wasn't very thorough in checking every piece of the map so thanks for bringing these to my attention! it's unfortunately very easy to miss things when working on jam games.

3 is also similar but caused by Unreal's built in occlusion, I'm still working on a good way to fix this without taking a big performance hint, unfortunately the image of these white squares is just burned into my mind and I see it in every Unreal game now lol

4 is especially concerning, that'll require some investigating, but hopefully I can find the cause of that and get it fixed!

TL;DR thanks so much for playing and bringing these to my attention! I'll work on fixing these.

I was scared and I loved it! I especially like the recordings on a PC down in the basement, the story really grasped me good, and kudos on making protagonist a regular unknowing human - it added to the mystery!

Thanks so much!

So the game's interesting at the very least, it's just a bit marred by the need for optimization. But I was playing the older version before the latest patch went live. Other then optimization, I kinda got hard locked on the valve wheel as it wouldn't let me turn it. Other then that, atmosphere is good.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thanks so much for playing! Yeah, you're definitely right there. I've done a big optimisation pass :) 

Sorry about that valve wheel part, you need to click pretty fast at the wheel, but I can definitely see how that might be confusing without any visual feedback so I think I'm gonna make the speed much less demanding so the turning is instant in the next patch.

Hope that helps!

For some reason. Launching this game opens up my steamVR. And closing that also closes the game. Maybe it's just something weird happening on my side.

Oh that's weird! I think that might have something to do with Unreal itself. I don't have SteamVR myself but I'll definitely look into that to see if there's anything I can do. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Woah, so after a little digging I found out that VR plugins are enabled by default in Unreal. So it was a really simple fix fortunately.

This'll be updated in the next patch! :)

Nice! ^_^

Hey, just wanted to let you know that update was pushed :)

Alright, thanks!

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This game is great, but it needs a lot of fixes, and I think that is the reason why there are no videos for it

My advice to the developer is to fix the game on this page and then launch the game again on another page


Hey, so first of all I'd like to say thanks for playing! I appreciate that a lot. I have been releasing patches every day to fix as much as I can :) but alas it is a jam game and was made in a short period of time by one person and it takes time to fix these bugs. 

However, since that build you played I released a new patch that fixed a lot and added checkpoints, there are some changelogs for each patch on the itch page that can inform you on the things getting fixed. 

On top of that I plan on releasing a new one today that fixes the end encounters! A big optimisation patch will be released at the end of the week too.

Hope that helps! Thanks again

and damn, I legit never expected anyone to walk past that hallway during that scene! I can fix that easily though so not to worry.

Hey, had tons of fun in playing your game, but wasn't able to finish it - got to the room with open cages and two monsters stuck in the doors blocked my way out :D Is there a way to scare them out somehow, or once they're after you, it's done? 

Hey, thank you! and Oh jeez :') unfortunately I think once they're in the walls they're stuck. Thanks for letting me know! I'll add it to the list to fix!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey, just wanted to let you know I've fixed a lot of these core bugs in case ya wanted to try again! :)

Hey there! this game looks super fun, however I do have a small problem with it. The main audio of the music is severely drowning out the voices of the characters once you enter the basement. (I can show you what I mean on discord if it helps!)

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Thank you so much! I'll look into this and push another patch in a few hours :)

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yeah no problem! it does play a lot better with headphones on, but surround sound, yeah, the voices got drowned out ^^;

also, I would like to let you know a few things since I tried playing through (I did lower the master volume, but the music is still a little too loud in comparison to your VAs) :) 

I think I somehow soft locked myself in the game.. I cannot open any door once I got the bedroom key and have no idea where to go ^^; 

 I might have broken the stairs, since the only way I can use them (after taking a few hits from the creatures while fumbling in near complete darkness) was backwards!

I cannot re-enter the room where the valve wheel was picked up (after I grabbed the bedroom key, not sure if intentional or not)

and occasionally, especially after taking a step or two in the basement, I lose my flashlight entirely. From the "red light" side as I've called it, the only way to get it back is by travelling up the ladder and moving through the total darkness until at some point in the long winding hallway (near the clean bathroom) do I get it back, and from the "bedroom?" side, I lose it after a step, but if I move backwards I get it back easily enough.

(and also there is no collision mapping with the fridge units that hold the bags of IV blood, but that was just a little thing I noticed xD)

just thought you should know :) Hope these notes help ^^

This is super helpful, thank you! I'll work on fixing these for the next patch!

no problem! I played through the 0.0.6 version and it ran great! until I ran into a new problem in the boss chamber. I got to the boss and she mostly stayed in the same spot. At the beginning she teleported, walked in place, teleported again, walked in place, then teleported a third time, but in the same spot, still walking in place. After putting a few rounds into her (getting about 3 or 4 "damage" animations) she got stuck in a loop of an animation where a red cloud with two red cloud rings spawn around her as several more of herself crawled all over her, making her invincible. I'm guessing that's a regeneration ability since it played the first time fine (after the second "damage" animation) but then the second time (after the third or fourth "damage" animation) it stayed and kept looping.

There was also a moment after the cinematic played that I was apparently viewing from knee height, but hitting aim with the gun fixed that easily. :)

Hope it helps :)

Hey, thanks again! I am working on getting the boss fixed but it probably won't be fixed until not the next patch but the one after! that said I'm pushing a new one right now that fixes a lot and adds checkpoints :)

check out the starting map. Cause I could do nothing after pushing play. Needs to rebuild lighting as well it said :)

Hey there, sorry to hear that! is there any chance you're playing an older build? because I fixed this yesterday :) let me know if that helps!